Imari Japan




I am a licensed teacher with 6 years of teaching experience, born and raised in Japan. My 4 year University field of study focused on Education and Advanced Japanese. You could say I devoted almost all of my life to education. My passion for languages and my desire to learn about different cultures has motivated me to travel to almost 20 countries. I have traveled alone for the most part, and occasionally traveled with a friend. Either way, every trip was an unbelievable and unforgettable experience. I never let the language barrier dissuade me from traveling to a new country.

I lived in Thailand for a short time and also had the privilege to live in Germany for a whole year while I studied German.

The Share House I lived in housed 3 German people along with 1 person from Brazil and another from Africa. The food we ate was totally different from the rice, seafood, and green tea we Japanese people usually include in our daily diet. Everyday, it was certain that our meals would include servings of bread, sausage, and some really great tasting beer. Let’s just say my stomach was in for a new adventure. But best of all, I made some amazing life long friends during my year. Friends that I still keep in touch with to this day. I would have loved to have stayed longer, but unfortunately Covid Restrictions prevented me from extending my studies. Still, studying and living in Germany is one of my most cherished memories. Shortly after returning to Japan, I decided to create an Instagram channel with the sole intention of teaching casual and formal Japanese to learners of all levels. Although I never appeared in any of my posts for almost a whole year, I continued posting content I believe most traditional “text book” learners are missing out on. Gradually the channel has grown, and the love and support you have all shown me has given me the confidence and strength to overcome my shyness and double my efforts to create the best content I can.

In July of 2022, I made the decision to quit my job and fully devote myself to creating educational, fun-to-learn content for my Podcast, YouTube, and Instagram channels. Teaching Japanese to all of you has become my life's mission and goal. Connecting with all of you has given me so much joy.

As an English/German learner, and as a Japanese Educator, I believe learning a new language not only expands our social circle, but also broadens and deepens our connection with people of different cultures. Teaching you Japanese and sharing my culture with you has become a great source of happiness for me.