Imari Japan

N4 LEVEL Conversation Course

・Let's talk about what you like
(What do you like better?)
・Practice conversation in restaurants
(reservations, ordering, paying the bill)
・Common phrases used in casual conversation
・Let's talk about your opinion
(Do you agree or disagree?)
・Conversation practice at hotels
(check-in, problems, check-out)
・Japanese for text messages
・Conversation practice at train stations
(tickets, information displays, announcements)

And so much more!

N5 LEVEL Beginner Course

・Understanding the basic Japanese sentence structure
・Learning hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji
・Basic Japanese phrases
・Self-introduction practice
・Must know Japanese culture
・Basic Japanese grammar
("masu" and "desu", Interrogative form, Numbers, Counter suffixes, Past Form, How to say “I want”)

And so much more!

N4 LEVEL Upgraded Beginner Course

・Must know Japanese culture
・Useful Japanese phrases
・N4 level Grammar
(How to say “can”, “if”, “because”, “It looks...”, How to use “...te shimatta”)
・N4 level Kanji
・Conversation Practice

And so much more!